Kirsch Wood Box, Williams Pear, Old Prune
  • Kirsch Wood Box, Williams Pear, Old Prune

Kirsch Box, Williams Pear, Old Prune

SB84 / 80335

Kirsch Wood Box, Williams Pear, Old Prune

Wooden box of 3 35 cl bottles

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Etter Zuger Kirsch 35cl, 41% flight.
The classic fruity and elegant brandy is distilled from different varieties of cherries from our region. A harmonious mix of different batches and vintages.
This is the authentic Etter Zuger Kirsch.

Etter Old Prune 35cl, 41% flight.
The Old Prune is a wonderful and delicate specialty derived from the distillation of small Swiss plums of the variety 'Lehrpflaumen'.
The brandy contains a fruity and very aromatic flavour, obtained after 3 years of ageing controlled in oak barrels and in 50-litre canisters.

A delight for the palate.
Etter Pear Williams 35cl, 42% flight.
The most beautiful way to enjoy a 'Williams'. About 11 kilos of ripe Valais Williams pears are needed for distillation to obtain 70 cl of this delicious and fruity brandy.

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SB84 / 80335

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