www.achetemoi.ch and www.mon-epicerie.ch are online sales sites, made available by theAssociation Notre Pays, designed to provide a way to effectively promote small local businesses, artisans and Swiss producers and that they have a way to sell their products online.

The products offered for sale on our e-commerce stores:

- achetemoi.ch food and non-food items from shops, small local shops or artisans in Switzerland.
You will also find a wide selection of sweet and savoury groceries, preserves, juices and nectars of fruit, minerals, wines, beers and various spirits. Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Ethical, Ecological, etc.

- mon-epicerie.ch offers a selection of food and non-food products, mainly from Switzerland but also from abroad, but always imported, made or prepared by retail or artisans in Switzerland.

The sites serve only as an intermediary for the sale and cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring between the seller and the customer, on a defective item, a delay in delivery or otherwise.

theAssociation Notre Pays is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that websites, payment modules and transactions between customers and the platform and merchants function properly.

theAssociation Notre Pays does not control the provenance of the items offered by the seller, but the seller must have its headquarters in Switzerland and ideally sell items made in Switzerland.
On the other hand, illicit products (weapons, drugs, dead or live animals, etc.) cannot be sold on online sales platforms.
Only the seller is responsible for the items he offers for sale and in case of non-compliance with the law or resale regulations he is solely responsible.

Orders are made on a secure site as well as payments including by the PayPal and Stripe system. The customer can pay by bank or postal transfer or by Twint.

We do not accept payment on invoice.

Terms and conditions can be updated and only the terms and conditions on the site at the time of order are repeated. TheAssociation Notre Pays disclaims any responsibility for any problems with product description, price, delivery etc., but theAssociation Notre Pays will help the customer to resolve any problems encountered on the site or during orders.