Terms and conditions for businesses wishing to sell on Achetemoi.ch and mon-epicerie.ch

The creation of a seller's account on the online sales platforms of theAssociation Notre Pays can only be done if the trade, craftsman or producer at its head office in Switzerland and must register as a member of the Club of Craftsmen and Local Trade, which allows it to apply to open a seller account on one of our e-commerces.

The rates in effect at the signing of the contract are numerous and are guaranteed throughout the term of the contract and when it is renewed.

TheAssociation Notre Pays does not control the provenance of the items offered by the seller but the seller must have its headquarters in Switzerland and ideally sell items made in Switzerland. On the other hand, illicit products (weapons, drugs, dead or live animals, etc.) cannot be sold on the platforms of theAssociation Notre Pays. As far as the site www.mon-epicerie.ch is concerned, sellers, craftsmen and producers must be domiciled in Switzerland and products grown, processed or marketed in Switzerland.

Only the seller is responsible for the items he offers for sale and in case of non-compliance with the law or resale regulations he is solely responsible. It is up to the seller to provide the guarantors on the items or services he offers for sale on online sales sites.

The seller is required to manage the stocks and products he offers on our platform so that they are available during orders. The seller is solely responsible for the information provided (product description, sizes, weight, price, discounts, postage, stock, etc.). If a product is no longer available in its store, it must inform us within 24 hours so that it is put "out of delivery" on our platform.

Once the order is paid for by the customer, it arrives directly by e-mail to the seller who will take care of its preparation and shipping to theAssociation Notre Pays within a recommended 72 hours. The seller will have to inform theAssociation Notre Pays, by email return, that the order is gone. theAssociation Notre Pays will consolidate orders from a seller/producer to the maximum in order to limit unnecessary travel and expenses.

Delivery can be made at the seller's discretion, by the Post Office or a provider of his choice. The cost of deliveries depends on it. Delivery can also be made by the seller himself, especially for bulky items. Fees are based on. A carrier different from those offered on our platform must be specified to us by the seller when creating his account.

The seller must specify whether he accepts the return of orders and in what extent (defective items for example) and who will pay the return fee, the customer or the seller.

For guaranteed items, the seller will have to provide the valid warranty with the product when it is delivered.

TheAssociation Notre Pays pays the seller/producer all orders delivered at theAssociation Notre Pays to 5 days.