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Blue Smoke Spirit selection - 5 cigars
  • Blue Smoke Spirit selection - 5 cigars
  • Blue Smoke Spirit selection - 5 cigars
  • Blue Smoke Spirit selection - 5 cigars

Blue Smoke Spirit selection - 5 cigars


Blue Smoke Spirit, it is a selection of cigars carefully chosen by our cigar-sommelier.

The selection of 5 pieces offer a sustained cigar experience, with varied modules and drastically different flavors. An intense experience of the cigar world with Blue Smoke with modules exclusively developed in Switzerland.

More than cigars, Blue Smoke Spirit is a real way to live!

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Our featured cigars:
1 El Sueo Grand Reserva 5.60
1 D8 Torro Box Pressed by Vegas de Santiago
1 Skull 77 El Volcano
1 Paddington Paddington El Gordito Izambar
1 Paddington Paddington El Perfecto Izambar

Cigars in detail

El Sueo Grand Reserva 5.60
This cigar is one of two modules that Stefano has created for El Sueo cigars. His starting mandate was only a cigar with a 60- and 6-inch cepo, the Grand Reserva 6.60 (six by sixty). During the creation period, the team agreed to create a second shorter one for tastings that offer less time. It consists of a completely different blend from the 6.60.
Rolled with tobacco from St Domingue and Nicaragua, dressed with a Habanos 2000 cape from Ecuador, this cigar offers aromas of dried fruit and cedar wood.

El Perfecto Paddington
Subtle notes or spices and rounder, silkier notes mingle with a controlled power. A pleasant tasting without excessive complexity is offered to us by this module of a more than certain character!

D8 Torro Box Pressed
A UFO in the Swiss panorama because this module of the Costa Rican brand does not appear on the line up for the Swiss market. Anyway, it's a pleasure to have it in the mouth because this module is especially well rolled. Cape Ecuadorian, tobacco from Costa Rica and Nicaragua are a blend as surprising as it is disconcerting. While the D8 range is distinguished by its notes of beans and nuts, this one offers rather pastry and gourmet flavors.

Skull 77 El Volcano
On ignition, this prince of the rich and generous lands of Costa Rica offers vegetable aromas and dried fruits. An abundant and silky smoke then accompanies the amateur to an empireumatic melody and leather notes. Not without pride, this module allows itself the luxury of ending on more gourmet and friendly notes still with toast, even a slightly sweet pastry like a baba ... Go understand a fiery like him...

Paddington El Gordito
El Gordito, which means the little big one in Spanish suits very well with this stocky little one straight from the imagination of Edmond Dantes! But who is this Edmond, who appropriates the surname of Montecristo's account? Well simply a lover of good cigars, who let his passion lead him to the creation of a brand! Cepo of 60 and 4 inches are the measurements of this cigar that start on vegetable notes. Very quickly, like a pressed bear, it glides gently towards more woody and roasted notes. The undergrowth and fungal notes enter the dance at mid-tasting. From then on this small robust spreads all its characteristics! And character, he's got it!

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Sélection Blue Smoke Spirit – 3 cigares

Blue Smoke Spirit, c’est une sélection de cigares soigneusement choisis par notre cigare-sommelier. La sélection de 3 cigares vous plonge dans une première expérience intense du monde du cigare avec Blue Smoke avec des modules exclusivement élaborés en Suisse. Plus que des cigares, Blue Smoke Spirit est un véritable art de vivre!

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