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The "Honey of Corsica - Mele di Corsica" Controlled Origin Calling, obtained in 1998 at the national level, introduced for the first time in France the concept of "terroir honey" and is a recognition of a distinctiveness. Indeed, our appellation is recognized on a range of 6 honeys (Spring, Spring Maquis, Summer Maquis, Chestnut Grove, Miellats du Maquis and Maquis d'Automne), from the sweetest to the most bitter, sometimes delicate and sometimes persistent.

The Protected Origin Calling was obtained in 2000 at European level. Corsica has always been a land conducive to beekeeping, with a beekeeping tradition that dates back to antiquity.

Our name is essentially based on:
The specificity of Corsican flora, which has a large number of endemic species,
A Corsican ecotype bee (Apis mellifera mellifera corsica)
A beekeeping know-how that combines tradition and technicality.


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